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Green Garden


Glen Clova

Garden Room in Dundee

The Glen Clova is the perfect small/medium garden room that has multiple uses.  Being a five sided structure it will sit snugly in the corner of your garden, creating a beautiful statement.  There's plenty of room to entertain small parties and due to the size you have multiple furniture configurations to choose from.  This one is roughly 3x3 metres.

We recommend having a level slab base installed prior to installation for our garden pods to sit on.  If a slab base is unavailable to you for whatever reason, we can install our garden rooms on posts.

This isn't your usual "off the shelf" garden structure, we only use high quality materials and an eagle eye when constructing your garden room.

We offer a design and build service with our garden rooms, you can choose any shape or size (within reason, not a 3 bed house) to fit your needs.  Most of our garden rooms will fall under the maximum size you can construct before planning permission is needed, if this isn't the case with your structure we will guide you along the way.


Garden room in Dundee

The Glencoe shown above is a 3x4 metre garden room, featuring anthracite grey windows and doors, an EDPM flat rubber roof suitable for all weather conditions (you can also choose a pitched roof if you would prefer that!) and a 4x1.5 metre decked area out front. 

This is a multi functioning garden room due to the size, it's ideal for entertaining at the weekend, and when they leave you can turn it back into your weekday office.

As with all of our garden rooms you can choose to plasterboard and tape the inside ready for painting, or line it with tongue and groove panelling to give you a cabin feel.  Electrical points are advised in our garden rooms so you can plug a heater in and enjoy them year round.



So, why choose Belltree Joinery Dundee for your garden room?  Well, we're flexible.  This customer didn't want their garden room to look square and out of place with the garden, so we recommended angled corners.  It's funky, it works, it looks great and everyone is happy.  Now they have a great little office space to focus.  

This garden room or "pod" has a footprint of 2.2x2.2 metres making it a great space saving option.  Fully insulated, plasterboarded and taped it creates a cosy environment to wind down in.

For pricing enquiries, please see the contact page where you will find our phone number and email address.

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